How do you cope with the lost of a friend?

Tears flow, hearts hurt and grief overpowers, but the memory of our loved ones will never fade.

Some of us have lost many loved ones and the lost we endure leaves us devastated, hopeless and sometimes angry. Losing a relative, friend, or our furry friends leaves an impact of hurt where we don’t know how to feel or if that emptiness will ever leave our hearts.

As individuals heal, that hurt can evolve into vivid memories of the special moments that we shared with our special someone. At times, memories will spark great conversations and laughter; whereas other days, those same memories will bring inconsolable tears, we feel will never dry.

Some suggest to plan can one plan ahead? Your feelings will come and go as the memories do. You cannot prepare yourself in any way, shape or form for this. Birthdays, special holidays, and anniversaries are all reminders of the special moments you shared with your loved one.

As times goes by, one way of healing is to celebrate your loved ones legacy to ensure their memory never fades.





So you want to live like the Joneses?

Big houses, exotic vacations, fast cars and a lavish lifestyle..sounds exhilarating doesn’t it? Who wouldn’t to live in the most posh, exclusive neighborhoods that caters to the elite? Have the latest technological gadgets and explore parts of this world the working class would only dream of ever visiting? Welcome to the World of the Joneses.

The Joneses was a fictional family that many wanted to emulate because of their wealthy lifestyle. *The Joneses were fictional characters created for a comic strip in 1913 by Arthur R. (“Pop”) Momand. His characters were built from his real-life experiences in a posh neighborhood. The Joneses were very popular as everyone who was surrounded by this fictional family wanted the same lifestyle as they did. Neighbors would try to mirror them as a means of social acceptance and live beyond their means in order to achieve this social economic status. But we ask ourselves, why would anyone want to do such a thing? Well, the Joneses portrayed this perfect family who had no “real” issues and did not have to worry about a thing. Their only worries was when will their new, shiny sports car arrive. We all know in the real world, this doesn’t exist. Even the “real-life” Joneses have many of our issues, perhaps even worse.

So why does the working class want to emulate such a lifestyle? Is the $25-50 purse from your local department store not as good as the $2k designer purse? They both achieve and execute the same goal, which is to carry your personal belongings around in a bag so that the public cannot see what you are carrying.

Living like the Joneses has created many problems for the working class. This lifestyle has made folks believe this is the way everyone live and if you don’t have the latest mobile phones, wear the latest fashion trends, drive the high-end vehicles or live in the most prestigious neighborhoods, you’re not socially adept to their standards. Are we teaching our new generations that social acceptability is key to our success? Is being the working family next door not good enough anymore?

More to come on this topic..


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To Tip or Not to Tip


Yesterday we had an interesting  virtual conversation on tipping your service employees. There were many comments in which consumers were being bashed due to the lack of tipping their service person. It has become a customary gesture, that in the United States consumers used to tip according to the service they received. Today, many are demanding the gratuity and will shame you if you do not provide him or her a monetary reward for their services.

In some countries, tipping is directly included in your total amount to be settled whereas in other areas, it is up to the consumer to tip at his or her discretion. However, in the States, some industries have begun to print at the bottom of their receipts the suggested tipping amount the consumer should leave. Do you think this is appropriate? Should tipping be automatically included? or have we gone too far in the tipping area; where it is now a requirement vs a voluntary gesture?

After reading several articles on tipping etiquette, it is suggested to tip service employees from your FedEx delivery person to your plumber? Many folks provide some sort of service, where does one draw the line before tipping everyone for everything they do.






First blog post


This is my first blog, but not my first written expression of my personal viewpoints on many of life’s occurrences. Some of my writings have included parenthood, nature, careers etc.. For me, some of these subjects have had the most intriguing conversations I’ve had in my life.  I have always enjoyed conversations with a twist. What do I mean by that? Well, my interpretation is to start conversing about certain topics and end with a friendly debate regarding who, what, where, how and why? It is a way for me to understand and get to know the person(s) I am speaking with. It is also a great way for the other person to gain an insight to my thoughts and how I may feel about certain things in life. Although I enjoy conversing with a twist, they don’t always end in a twist. I can actually have real conversations about real-life topics. This can includes all areas of life including leisurely things to do such as vacations, the latest cruise ships, fashion or something at the other end of the spectrum such as, the architecture of a building. I want to bring these conversations to life and share them with you all.

When you read my blogs, I’ll express some of my viewpoints on the subject. Some of my posts may be about relationships, careers, family, disappointments, latest headlines; but these will be about my thoughts and not about my personal life. I want to be able to reach out to my audience and make them laugh, think and cry too!! These are all healthy things for our souls and I hope you can join me on this journey.

Thank you all for taking the time to read through my world.