There’s No One There…

Yes dear. Yes, ma’am. Yes sir. Yes mom. Yes dad.

One-sided conversations. We’ve all had them.

We have stopped listening to one another. There are no longer true conversational pieces, just discussions. Current events are no longer a topic of interest nor the events of what occurred during the day are of interest to the other party. But when do you start to notice the deterioration behind these one-sided conversations. When it is too late to begin to appreciate the other person behind the voice? When it has gone so far that one does not know how you got there? Or when the individual is no longer in your presence?

Is the lack of interest due to boredom? Being too comfortable? Someone else? Or just not interested?

These questions can relate to all things in life. Relationships, work, or a visit to your favorite mall.

These and many other questions may arise when questioning, are you still there? I see you, but are YOU still there? Where have you wandered off to?

The lack of interest may be many things. Self sufficiency is a great one. Feeling relevant to the situation will bring an interest to the “table” immediately, but if there isn’t any self-interest, will one invest precious time to it?

If a salesperson is trying to sell a car, and this individual is solely based off commission, he or she will invest in selling that car wholeheartedly, however, if that same individual is being paid a salary, you may not have the same enthusiasm because he or she does not have an interest, he or she has already been rewarded. Although, the reward is taken place in form of a salary. The same goes for friendships and relationships.

So here’s a note to self – When someone is talking to you, give them the attention you would like to be given to you. If not, tell them politely, now it is not a good time and excuse yourself. It is much better to have manners and not be rude. You’ll be greatly rewarded in many ways.

Yours truly,






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