You ever sit and wonder, what will tomorrow bring, literally? Not just a metaphor of what can happen, but actually bring something…

Tomorrow – Is not promised. Its a gift.

As individuals, we allow the best of us to get wrapped up in a tidal wave of frustration, anger, and stress at what the day may bring to us.

But how about the other side of it.

Have you ever thought, wow, I was given another day to enjoy this sunshine, the breeze, and see the world. Have another chance to speak to my loved ones, interact with those with annoyed us, and perhaps, made us upset. We were given another chance to leave it all behind and start anew.

We take for granted the ability to open our eyes everyday and see the world. Some individuals didn’t make it to see daylight and others may have lost their sight, but you were given a gift. You were given the gift of life for one more day. That is what tomorrow brought you, a new day.

Cherish your gift.




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