Back to Reality

Just a few days ago, I was sitting on the sand surrounded by crystal clear blue waters and the most velvety white sand. The sounds of the ocean was so peaceful. As you sit and look around, you think to yourself, the locals here have it made. They are so lucky. However, the locals are all there trying to survive as you, the tourist, are providing jobs for them. Most of the locals don’t get a chance to go and sit by the beach because they are trying to survive, yet we feel they are lucky.

Now the reverse happens. As I return to my reality and the folks from the island I just visited, are saying the same as I did when I was in their paradise. Wow, these folks here are lucky. As for myself, I am content because I just came back from a wonderful vacation, however, I am saddened because I have to return to my daily grind. The locals I just visited with state, we are lucky because we get to work in air conditioned offices, have a stable and ample income and are able to take multiple vacations. They have so many areas they can visit without having to travel by airplane, they may not have to work as hard as we need to just to make ends meet. Now this may not be true for all, but for some of the locals, I did get a chance to talk to, they were willing to do what they can to earn a living and it is their reality. Whether it may be to rent out jet skis, rent umbrellas/ loungers, or sell food from a makeshift restaurant, which many times are very good, they are struggling to survive.

So here we have it… the tale of two of the lesser evils.

You have one individual who wishes they could live by the tranquil, crystal blue waters and the other who perhaps would like to have a stable environment. Either way, we figure out how to balance one another without inhibiting the other. We may not always feel satisfied with what we have and tend to always look on the other side because we may think the grass may be greener, however, is it?


Yours truly,



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