Dimly Lit Spark

There’s a thousand words that are waiting to be put into thoughts, so many emotions to write on paper, but not enough spark to drive that fire, the pilot is dimly lit.

Some would call it lack of motivation, burnout, but it is none of the above, it is disappointment. Disappointment of the over achiever not achieving. That elephant is constantly staring from the corner, but you have no words to say. Not because you don’t want to, is because you just can’t. Those words that are waiting to pour out somehow can’t leave your body, you wish there was a way to express how you feel, but it stays bottled up because it’s much easier.

Is this feeling self-inflicted? How do you cope and deal with the feeling of hopelessness?

Finding inner strength to combat disappointment can be a losing battle. The war imposed on yourself can only be won by one person, you; can you honestly pick a winning side? Which battle are you fighting? The lack of achievement, the emotional battle or all of the above. Are there other players? Who else contributes to this war within yourself? You have so many questions, with little or no answers.

Disappointment gives the individual a lackluster of emotions and unable to express unbiased feelings. Ultimately, the only one in charge is you. You are your destiny. You define who you want to be. You can choose to accept the disappointment or you can tear it down. Allow those words to flow and use it as your shield.




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