Life passing us by

Its 6:00 am. I slept 5 hours and feel a bit tired, but I reach over and grab the phone before I start my day. Let’s see what I’ve missed while I was asleep.

Today, many folks wake up to this very same scenario every day. Before even having a cup of Joe, we reach over to check the latest updates, check the news, or even read emails.

But, the first thing we do is grab that little device that has a hold on us. Take a minute and look around. There will always be someone either looking at their phone or having it within inches of their reach.

But the phenomena doesn’t stop there. It just isn’t your millennials reaching for their treasured device, you have many generations such as the silent generation, generation X and your baby boomers that are also attached to their treasures. The fear of being disconnected in today’s modern age is fierce and today’s technology has everyone engaged.

What is the infatuation with always being connected? Do we feel we can’t let go for a single minute without knowing everything that is happening out of our presence?

What are your thoughts?




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