Fashion Trends Mishaps

Each decade has their own fashion trends and many folks adapt to some of these trends without any censorship. However, when is too much just tooooo much??

One of the newest fashion trends being used are flowy or denim shorts. But these aren’t your ordinary shorts, these shorts have been designed to see more than your thighs. There also older fashion trends such a wearing jeans while exposing your underwear which has also been widely used.

Flowy shorts:  These shorts have been designed as short shorts with the ability to feel free in them, however, it leaves little to the imagination as the individual wearing these shorts, exposed more than just your thighs. Because of the design of these shorts, it allows for the assets of the individual to be seen.

Newest fad in denim shorts:  So these shorts I am sure have a name, however, they can be compared to boy shorts or other type of female underwear. These “shorts” does not in any way, shape or form leave anything to the imagination and will make people feel uncomfortable around you as too many body parts are exposed. You can compare these shorts to wearing beach wear at the supermarket.

Baggy jeans:  The majority of this trend seems to be worn by the male gender exposing their underwear or shorts. These are not your average baggy jeans. After doing some research, they are called Hip Hop Baggy Jeans. Seems to be a tad stereotypical, however, that is what they are referred to. Some of these jeans have been known to be worn sometimes to the knees, exposing way too much.

So, why are individuals wearing these fashion trends baring their assets. Has this become the norm of today’s society? Have we allowed these fashionistas to go too far in their fashion trends? What message are we sending to vulnerable young men and women who are exposed to such fashion?

This fashion statement sends many mixed messages to young children. Based on many conversations led with others, we teach them to express themselves respectfully, but why would parents allow their underage children wear such an atrocity?

In evolution, many changes occur, but when will we (Society) put a halt of some of these damaging fashion trends. When we go buy groceries, do we want to be exposed to someone’s back side? Do we want to expose our elementary school age children to this?

When fashion has just gone too far..





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