How do you cope with the lost of a friend?

Tears flow, hearts hurt and grief overpowers, but the memory of our loved ones will never fade.

Some of us have lost many loved ones and the lost we endure leaves us devastated, hopeless and sometimes angry. Losing a relative, friend, or our furry friends leaves an impact of hurt where we don’t know how to feel or if that emptiness will ever leave our hearts.

As individuals heal, that hurt can evolve into vivid memories of the special moments that we shared with our special someone. At times, memories will spark great conversations and laughter; whereas other days, those same memories will bring inconsolable tears, we feel will never dry.

Some suggest to plan can one plan ahead? Your feelings will come and go as the memories do. You cannot prepare yourself in any way, shape or form for this. Birthdays, special holidays, and anniversaries are all reminders of the special moments you shared with your loved one.

As times goes by, one way of healing is to celebrate your loved ones legacy to ensure their memory never fades.





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